The Learning Why Its Critical In A Live Setting

You have to understand something here‚ there is no webinar‚ or series of webinar that will help you get this. The major thing that happens is what is called experiencial.

It is actually being inside of it and being able to see yourself doing it‚ and often doing it right along-sideof those people who have already paved the way.

Yes you could go out and create it from scratch‚ but why? There are just some things that you have to learn live. That is one of the major reasons that I go to these events.

But we have to actually address something that often happens to people whether they are learning from webinars or live events and that is MLM Overwhelm. We have to define it and eradicate it forever‚ are you with me?

What Is MLM Overwhelm?

I did this so believe me I am making a little fun at myself.  I used to go in dozens of directions with absolutely no focus at all. It led to a lot of frustration and overwhelm.

And that is my definition of MLM Overwhelm. When You are doing too many things with no focus and you haven’t really achieved any success in anything yet.


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