Learning How To Practice What You Learn


With everything it takes time and practice. it May require being willing to fail. it takes persistence. its important to know where you are going. We have to learn by either following someone with the experience we seek or we must learn by trial and error.

I did a post recently about becoming a MLM Junkie. I posted that especially because I found myself doing that. I often write about things that I am experiencing and what

I found as a solution to the problem‚ it helps me to write it and it helps me to share it. And I hope along the way you get something from it too!

Understanding The Network Marketing Model

Network Marketing is a business of duplication — it won’t work if you keep jumping from one system to another. However‚ it is important to always be learning.

A strong upline is good‚ but it doesn’t have to be the person directly above you — that’s one of the wonderful things about this business model.

Network marketing itself was not originally designed to be on the internet‚ it was designed to be a people-to people or commonly referred to as belly-to-belly.

It has always been and always will be about relationships. It is great to have something you can believe in but before that will matter to anyone‚ its about understanding your prospect.

Level Of Understanding..

When I first joined my company I knew nothing.I had no idea what to do. I was totally reliant on my sponsor or the leadership to help me. That was at first.

But you cannot stay the fledgling in the nest at some point you have to start to follow what your heart says.

And my heart said that what they were teaching was not going to work for me. So I had to teach myself. Be willing to go out and find the right teachers‚ and programs.

It doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money‚ but it does mean sometimes it is worth the investment. The biggest investment is in yourself and learning is key to where you are going to go with your business.

Putting It Into Practice..

I know for a fact that only taking action creates the results. It is better to take imperfect action than no action. In my previous example‚

I took action but came to realize that it was not producing the desired results‚ so then its time to review adjust‚ and then more action~!

Many are afraid of being bold‚ of taking a step into the unknown‚ but there is no other way to do it. It is better to spend less‚ and act more than it is to spend much‚ but take no action.

Good Leadership

I know many have build a business without it‚ and it can be done.

One thing I believe can be a deterrent is to have no leadership at the top or it is in question. I say that because recently that has happened to me.

I left a company because there were those in leadership that practiced things that were unethical and I could not align myself with that. So those who decide the practices and rules of the company have to be ethical.

Although it is not necessary for your sponsor to be a leader it is important to have someone you can look to for the leadership and the tools. As I said the company was not leading in a way that helped others succeed. Now I take a critical look at those who are in those leadership positions.

Taking Responsibility

If all of the above is in place the next part is back in your court. If you are not attending the training‚ meetings and conventions‚ webinar‚ seminars‚ etc‚ then you are not partaking of the tools and therefore cannot put it on anyone but yourself if you do not succeed.

The company is doing their part if they are providing the tools and training‚ but it is still you that made the decision to be in business‚ and only you that can take it to whatever level you want to see yourself.

It is also your responsibility to know what the rules are and follow them. Most companies have specific rules in regard to the internet and other such public showings of their company and product.

It is up to you to know what they are and not cross the line. And this is very very key: it is up to you to represent your company ethically and authentically. In other words‚ never employee any kind of deception‚ or making claims that are not backed up with the literature of the company.

Continue Your Education!

Just because you are started with something and have some of the basics down doesn’t mean that you cannot learn more. Once you have the basics I advise learning everything that you can about marketing. There are many sources of both free and paid training out there.

In the process of learning how to create your business‚ always understand it is ever changing! I have learned that especially when it comes to the internet that nothing stays the same. Don’t then ever be settled in just one method‚ but always break into new things‚ not all at once‚ but diversify your advertising.

Be open to seeing things from a different angle and point of view. As companies go world wide‚ we are encompassing many different languages‚ and cultures. So we have to be more global in our thinking as well! Be a sponge!

Be able to absorb the new learning. Don’t be ready to discount or ignore‚ but at least be open to trying it. Not all of it is for your but its better to see all the angles‚ it makes you a better leader as you become more rounded!

Be Patient!

I know myself its easy to want it all at once‚ but it just doesn’t work that way. So being patient during the process of building your business and working with others is very key.  We are working with many different personality types‚ the most important thing will be to learn how to deal with them.

Because in the end‚ network marketing is really about helping people achieve their dreams‚ and along the way‚ you achieve yours!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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