Learning To Trust Your Leadership

I used to think I had to follow others and I didn’t really trust my own leadership

I followed and guess what most of the time‚ I got side-tracked and lost myself

I can’t blame anyone.. I recognize it as part of my journey!

If I were making excuses now for that then you would just take me as just another of those whiners‚ which I have vowed not to be

Pointing the finger at the other guy only makes me point 3 back at myself

I will not put down anything else because they are all good..

But they really don’t completely fulfill what needs to happen‚ which is building the “whole person”

You know long ago a mentor that I now really appreciate asked me “What is your Success Formula” What he was saying is‚ what is the action steps that you take daily to move closer to your dreams and goals?

Yours will not be identical to mine‚ but it May have some of the elements. I know that I have to blog and do video those are two of mine‚ I know I have to talk to people via chat. I don’t do ads not because I can’t but because you have to decide what you are good at‚ and do that!

I can appreciate even the Guru’s that got me side-tracked. Because if I was not so sure then that is why it happened. When I am solid it won’t.

Part of my journey is to learn what works and what doesn’t. I will share openly with you because I have learned it is okay to fail forward‚

I am definitely grounded. When you travel on an airplane‚ they go through that safety check‚they tell you to put on your oxygen first‚ and that is what I just did. I put myself in a place where I can help hundreds of others.

To lift another that has fallen you must first secure yourself. Same goes in business. If I want to help someone in my business‚ I best be already in the right place doing the right things.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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