Live in the moments, (its really all you have)



How many times through my life have I worried about the future or what might happen, or about the past and mulled over repeatedly what I could have done. But.. I can never recover the past and replace it with a different one. I can never go into the future and see what lies there.


The only thing I have control over is right now, today this very hour. If I spend that time in worry, my mind is not prepared to do anything productive with that time and it is lost forever.


I have learned to focus only on making today count. In the movie titanic, Jack is at the dinner with the elite rich, He speaks about how life is a gift and how important it is to be enjoying everything as it comes.


That is not to say we don’t set goals, but in order to reach any goal, you must carry out a plan, and you start now. Here is the starting line today, one week before the new year 2010. So as Jack said in the movie, “here is to making it count!”


Self approval and self acceptance are the keys to positive change. Once you APPROVE that you are worthy of real happiness…you will attract it to YOU!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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