Looking For The Blessing!

It only took me about a week.. to stop dwelling on losing my FB account..

Starting over can either be painful or a cleansing

All based on how you decide to look at it!

You have to be able to bounce..

This is not the first time I have had to start over.. I have been in 10 companies that closed!

So its all about attitude.. do you feel sorry for yourself.. or pick yourself up and go again?

This FB account was never intended to be a real account but a back door.

But it is a blessing I felt prompted to create it.

I connected myself as admin to my groups and FB pages

So the major only thing I actually lost was contacts..

So my decision was to get more serious using the Max Steingardt – Endless Leads which we have inside of PLS

I started very small and slow..

I now have 40 new friends..

I am being much more selective..

And today I can report 2 new GOLDS and 1 new Lead Lightning..

Again its all about attitude..

If you believe you have lost.. then you have..


You can believe its a new fresh start!


Its not really starting over, if you have some skills!!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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