Loverage For Business

Love is the only way to build a business‚

it does not mean that you become soft  and gullible‚on the contrary‚ your eyes are opened wider‚ and you can see everything‚

but you look through the eyes of love‚

Instead of looking for the hate‚ the anger and the other things that will be thrown at you‚

you look at ways to help and bless others..

I do not know which of the many I will talk to will see that love and want to be with me‚

I only know that when I treat him that way‚ he wants to be on my team..

It is easier by far and it feels good to both myself and the receiver. I do not mean this in a physical way but in a way that I respect everyone‚

I care about them‚ and I open to them‚that is how I know how to help them!

There are many who would teach words that could influence‚ and maybe that works for a while..

But then they feel betrayed‚ it is only when you truly care about them more than about your own pockets that those who belong with you appear!

(paraphrasing from Scroll II ̵’; The Greatest Salesman In The World ̵’; Scroll II)


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