Most People Join An MLM Because Of An Emotional Response

Yeah you heard me! Emotional‚ then they follow up with justifying with their logic. Then unfortunately for you‚ most of the time logic told them they made a mistake‚ and they quit! If you have had this experience either yourself making a decision based on an emotional response‚ then you will also agree that it felt good temporarily. Most people can’t even explain to anyone including themselves why they made that decision. So the first step is awareness.

So we know most people buy from an impulse and emotional response

They buy to satisfy something:

1’– satisfy a need to be loved or wanted

2’– satisfy a need for more money

3’– satisfy a need for more time

4’– satisfy a need for a better lifestyle

So You Know These Things‚ How Does That Help You In Your MLM?

How can you change your marketing to appeal to these four base desires? With weight loss‚maybe they will be loved more if they are slimmer? For the opportunity‚ maybe they will be happier when they are making an extra xxx per month? And different personalities will have different desires. It is our job to find out what their base desire is!

People Never Buy The Product Or MLM Opportunity‚ They Buy You First!

So your goal is not to get more knowledgeable about the fairy-dust in your product. That will never sell as well as becoming the person that they are looking for to lead them! Your goal is to become the person that you want to attract. I know that is not as exciting‚ but that will create the sustainable income that I know you want! So first you must execute a plan that both works for you and can be passed along to those you wish to share your opportunity with!

  1. You need a simple plan and steps to execute that plan. Expect to have expenses‚ but of course don’t over-extend‚ it’s better to start on a small budget.
  2. The true mentor will help you when you are new and have not made anything yet! They do not push you to get the big kit if it’s not the right choice or not for you‚
  3. The true mentor only makes promises that they will be able to deliver!
  4. The true leader leverages the power of team effort to help you; they are not threatened but empowered when you turn to others in the team!
  5. A true leader understands what it means and what it takes to be successful. They have the track-record and the team does too. Ask the hard questions you deserve to get the answers.

To Your Abundant Success!!

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