What Makes It A Predator Approach?

Swoop down make the kill‚ go away‚ not come back. I ge that on-line too. So how do we make it work? We don’t use “attack mode” for sure.

Give people valuable information‚ and give them the choice‚ and treat them always with great respect. Solve their problems. Find ways to be valuable‚ they seek you out! They do for me‚ they will for you.

  1. Get acquainted —that sounds old-fashioned‚ but how do you do it another way‚ find out about them‚ what are their needs.
  2. Ask good open questions the (Oh‚ this is the hard part are you ready?) We close our mouths‚ and open our ears‚ and its amazing the things we might find out.
  3. When we do talk its to clarify‚ to ask more questions‚ to offer suggestions‚ (not our pitch) and to see how we can help.
  4. Only after we have established some rapport do we have the opportunity if they are ready ̵’; to offer what we have. and if we are listening we will know when that is.
  5. This is another tough one‚ sometimes we have to give without an expectation of something in return. The rewards May be just that it makes you feel good!

To Your Abundant Success!!

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