Making You First Before A Company

Quite often as I have seen..
People get confused about their business..
And they believe they have to make the company the all in all..
And they forget themselves in that process..
I saw that gruesomely exhibited this week!
You never lose you!
The company is nothing more than a vehicle.. to create your dreams..
And believe me.. that can change instantly!!
Making You First Before A Company!
Make sure you don’t confuse You Inc with Company Fanaticism..
I see a bunch of that and its never good!
Case in point:

Yesterday I had a most crappy example of Customer Service..

I won’t go into detail here.. just to let you know though..

your company is not the most important thing..

You are and your customer..

If you jump down the throat of a customer

(even if its a distributor) you will lose them for good..

And that person that did that.. lost far more than the sale..

they lost the rapport.. they lost the trust..

they lost the possibility of a testimonial that will build them!

So now I want to share…

I had an absolutely fantastic example of real customer service in action this week..

I am working with my daughter-in law and son to improve my health..

through their Mannetech products..

So their upline whom lives in the city but on the other side of it.. (Arvada) all worked together to make sure I had the products I wanted to help with my efforts..

This is not an invite to pitch.. please.. I choose to do it because I knew they were passionate and motivated..

It was refreshing.. and I was very happy!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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