Our Marketing Techniques‚ and Our Party Behavior!

I am going to a party‚ and I was invited‚ but I don’t know anyone there.

Now imagine this:

I walk into the door‚ I take off my coat‚ I walking into the middle‚ and start striking up conversations like this:

” Hi‚ my name is Lynda‚ I would like to have you go to my website‚ here it is‚ now go now and let me know what you think‚ and get in now‚ if you don’t the dark shadow of fear will come get you.”

and I repeat this to everyone in the room!

Okay what do you think is going to happen?

The host is going to come and say:

“I would like you to stop that‚ you are disturbing my guests.”

What if I ignore her‚ and continue this behavior?

I will be booted out of the party.

Now if all of that sounds really ridiculous‚ how does it sound here?

I see it daily‚ the words May be slightly different‚ but the results are the same.

I have found no one likes a pushy pitch like that‚ I got educated and learned the right approach.

For one thing‚ I want to know something about the people I invite to be on my team‚ that means I get to know who they are first. I find out what they want out of life. I get into them.

When I do that‚ I find the serious networkers that actually want what I have and are begging to get the information‚ I never have to be pushy or obnoxious! I have a way and I can show you.

Guess what I am not going to give you the way unless you show me you want it!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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