Master Mind Jan 2010– Take From Your Day – Build the Future!


 It’s not the events of our lives that shape us‚ but our beliefs as to what those events mean.
Tony Robbins

One thing I learned from a very knowledgeable mentor‚ is to go over and reflect any even that you attend. Even if its a webinar or a teleseminar.

Many times I have written notes and then never looked at them again. In order to absorb and use the information‚ read over your notes‚ I always write reflections of what that says to me. I also write notes on how I want to implement what I got.

Second thing is not to be afraid to ask for help. I am amazed at how many people believe it to be a weakness to ask for help.

They tell me all of these great things they are doing‚ but they are not succeeding. They won’t admit it to anyone‚ even themselves. How sad is that when we are here and more than willing to give them our time.

One of the greatest resources we have is our time‚ and we give it freely! I do not charge you for that time‚ I know that there are greater rewards that merely the money! I get paid when

I help others get what they want‚ isn’t that what Jim Rohn said? So then we all contribute to the success of others.

They want to win..

Why You Need To Sit
With Winners!

Have you ever thought about this?

Most never change their associations..

They are among..

Small thinkers..

People that never win

And yet

They want to win!


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