My Matra That I Say Every Morning

I know where I am going‚ I know where my vision is
I will go out and share what I know and help those who are ready to be helped

Every experience either good or bad is for my experience and learning

Any time I look back it is to be grateful for those teaching moments..

Every time I look forward‚ it is to see the brightness of my future

Every person I help is a joy to me

When I earn a commission I celebrate no matter how big or how small

I live in the energy of gratefulness

I forgive those who have wronged me

I do not lay plans for revenge.. that is wasted energy and the wrong energy

I lay plans for success for me and for all who follow with me

I seek after truth and open it to others

I love to learn‚ and the more I learn the greater my understanding

I know society throws away older adults.. I honor them and help them

I mentor I teach and I get compensated for the value I bring to the market place

My vision is expanding.. I live in abundance…I love my life!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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