I Had A Messed Up Mind-Set When I Got Started In MLM

Its really about mindset! You know that old saying:“If You Believe It‚ Its True!”

Well in the very beginning my belief was small‚ so my results were small. Let me qualify that‚I had some big ignorant belief at first‚

I just blasted through got a bunch of new distributors‚ but retention was not good because I didn’t know how to help them. I have found that whether you want to actually acknowledge it or not: If you believe you are limited in your abilities to do things in your business‚ or if you are actually believing someone limits your progress‚ you are making it true‚ because you cannot help but act on your beliefs.

Taking Down Those “Fences”

But truly if you think about it‚ we do put up fences or limitations about what we can do. We let the past mistakes dictate what we can or cannot do today.

Until we begin to become aware of those “fences” or limitations we have self-imposed‚ we cannot take them down‚ and begin to progress.

We have imposed this invisible boundary or field in which we stay‚ because we have come to believe it is safe there‚ but there perception of safety is false‚ its dangerous‚ because it inhibits our ability to grow. I know because I have spent a good part of my life doing that myself.

Stepping Outside of the “Gate” The area outside of this self-imposed comfort zone‚or limitations we put around ourselves are scary because they are mostly unknown. We have told ourselves stories about what is going to happen if we do. But that is just it they are stories‚ and they are not necessarily true.

When we were children we were given boundaries based on our safety. Now as adults we May be still operating inside of those same boundaries. But instead of those boundaries or limitations being‚ “Stay out of the street‚ you May get hurt‚” it is things like‚ “Don’t take any risks‚” or “Don’t talk to someone you don’t know.” Well how is that working for you?

After that first failure I would love to say I just got right up and got going again‚ but that wouldn’t be entirely true. I spent some time letting the bruises fester. I let fear set in. I got so good at imagining the failure that it came true!

Baby Steps

Just as we took small steps as a toddler and eventually gained enough confidence‚ to start running‚ so must we operate that way now.

Rather than going with yesterday’s beliefs that no longer serve you‚ you May want to take just one of those at a time‚ examine it and decide whether its really good for you today and what you want to create for yourself.

And if it shows as something that is actually creating a feeling of “false safety” you May want to see if its one of those “fences” that its time to take down. One at a time‚ and you won’t be in this “panic mode” and you can gradually be feeling the confidence to run‚ and to create the new life that you truly do deserve.

For me I learned I didn’t die when I failed. I had one experience that so fits in here. I was at a company event. They had one of those lazy river’s as part of the resort‚ and I was on one of the tubes‚ anxiously going over in my mind all the things I perceived I should be doing.

I wouldn’t even let go of it for one weekend! Then suddenly I just let go of it. I let myself relax. I told myself I would be able to assess what I needed to do when I got back and go from there. That was the first real turn-around even in my life.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Remember that all thoughts create everything that we eventually see in our reality. Our subconscious will bring about anything that we attach emotion to. And if our desire is only to be safe and not to be uncomfortable‚ it will keep us where we are now‚ because that is its job.

We have to school our thoughts‚ and create a “penny’s worth” of something new that is going to create the different life that we seek. Maybe its only to say “I am going to talk to one new person today‚ and say Hi!” It only has to be a penny’s worth. Compound that and you will soon find that you tore down the old fences‚ and built a new life!


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