The Missing Secret MLM Piece of the MLM Puzzle‚ Key Elements of MLM Success

MLM the whole thing is like discovering an ancient map.  Its really about two things I will explore just one of them today.

Number 1 — is about discovering yourself‚ how you can be the best you can imagine‚and in most cases better than you can imagine.

Number 2 — (we will explore today) Is how to understand what it is and how to do it.

I purposely chose an image that looks old.  Think about it‚ everyone is looking for some kind of secret formula that works and no one else knows about. (or in this case a map!)

Problem: it doesn’t stay secret‚ then its not exclusive then it no longer works. So what? Yes the so what to this is‚ that tools will come and go‚ many will be only good for a short time then they loose their effectiveness and then they cost more than they are worth.

While I am very sure there are some great tools out there‚ many of which are probably creating awesome results‚ my main objective is to bring you what works now‚ and what is the least expensive or free! Because I have found‚ if one doesn’t watch out there is going to be more advertising dollars going out than‚ the revenue coming in. I was in that boat a few years ago.

Not only does that lead to disaster but it also leads to a result of non-duplication. What do I mean by that? If the 100% of the individuals that I coach in my own team are not able to copy me and get the same result it is not duplicatable. And if they cannot afford it‚ then it is not duplicatable.

Plain and simple‚ that is it! So lets talk about for a minute what doesn’t work! Or more plainly what is not so important. It doesn’t matter what kind of website you have‚ it doesn’t matter what your blog looks like. Yes its good‚ but how many people are you signing up while you are spending all of that time on your blog or website? Get it done‚ or get help‚ don’t spend weeks even months on that.

If someone wants to use our call schedule to learn how to advertise‚ (free) and they are not pressured to change the company they are in‚ I show them how to do that. If they want some personal help

I show them where to get it. This is a plain and simple‚ and easy system‚ that anyone can do! (And no one is breaking the bank!) So what is the buried treasure? Its whatever you do this for. And its inside. So tools? I say don’t spend a lot of time employing anymore special tools. Use a plain and simple system‚ get the results‚ done go live! If you want my simple system it starts with the e-book on the bottom of the page!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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