MLM Business Prospects Do Shop For their Sponsors

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I had a conversation yesterday with someone looking to recruit me into their MLM business‚ and that person actually got upset because I had decided to go with another person that was more of a leader.

I posted this on Facebook: People Sponsor Shop In Your MLM Business.. You don’t think so? As you are talking to them they are googling you They are clicking on your linksThey are checking you out

If all they see is spam links and no value Then forget it But instead if they land on your blog and see you give value‚ help and share tips and things that will help.. They see a person of value that they want to join
Its Not really a big secret‚ And I know its frustrating to a brand new person who thinks they don’t have any value. (I can show you how to change

I have been involved in so many things

They all sounded real good There was something I missed maybe you too? I was confused I was overwhelmed‚ Yes I did all the stuff they said‚ and I didn’t get long term results What was missing I said? What was that magic I was missing? What will create that sustained success? SO I SAID ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!



I missed that it mattered WHO I signed with

So no offense Jo Blow

I didn’t sign the dotted line with you

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