When Is MLM Competition Good‚ and When Is It Bad?

Competition? When is it a good idea‚ and when is it not?

There will be those who thrive in competition and those who do not. Its really important to make sure it feels good to everyone. Sometimes those who are really competitive will initiate competitions and there are those who will find them intimidating.

Competing with yourself

This goes back to your expectations of yourself. I believe it is healthy to compete with yourself. Because you can always get better. You do want to always see yourself in a better place. Make sure the things you are saying to yourself are things like: “I did better today‚ or ”I know I am going to get this!” Because a key ingredient is what we actually say to ourselves.

Healthy competition among team members

There are times in your journey when its important to compete with others. Usually‚ its a competition of those who would be about at the same level. It can be getting to another pin‚or seeing how many you are going to recruit. It always important to keep it fun. No one should be made to feel that they are so out-classed that they can’t compete.

Its not who is right and who is wrong

I have often gotten into heated discussion‚ especially lately‚ that there is only one right way. There really isn’t. There are different personalities and they will all thrive in different environments. Some love competition‚ and some find it stressful. Its never a good idea to push for a competition for those who are not comfortable doing that. And as some grow they will find that they are more comfortable with competition. So be sensitive to those whom you are a leader over.

So make sure you look at the reaction of your new affiliates!


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