An MLM Leader Is Willing to Admit When She Is Wrong!  It Is Actually A Good Thing To Say You Are Sorry In MLM Network Marketing!

In the movie Love Story‚ the main female character said something that now I have to say I disagree with. she said:

“Love means‚ you don’t have to say you are sorry.” The reason why I don’t believe that is because‚ its really important to help someone understand what you did and why.

And its okay to change your mind if you are wrong. Its actually a sign of a bigger person when they can admit that they are wrong.

Especially when it comes to MLM Network Marketing. As leaders we have to remember we are still human. And I only know of one that has ever lived here on this planet that was perfect.

I have had to do it from time to time‚ and my first reaction is to defend‚ as so many others. But what I found out was that its very liberating to be totally honest. And it makes you become more real.

People do actually appreciate when you tell someone when you made a mistake and you were wrong.


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