MLM Network Marketing – Taking Responsibility And Why That’s Important!

I hate to break it to you but…

Your success and your failure is entirely your responsibility ̵’; I know that is harsh but it is true! Wow I bet you thought I was going to say that its not your fault! That is a popular phrase that you hear and see all over. Its great to make it someone else’s fault and its great to make it your circumstances. I listened to Tony Robbins this morning and he had a great video on that go listen it will really help you to get a handle on this!

Resourceful vs Circumstances

Here are some questions to ask yourself: What can I do to change my results? What is really stopping me? How can I change my story? What is going on inside? What is my pattern? Resourcefulness is the inside drives that helps you find a unique set of steps to take despite present circumstances.

I know I don’t have the money‚ but how can I get the money? What story have you been buying into did you create it‚ or did you live someone else’s “You are just like your father‚ a no good…yada yada.” “I’m not good at that!” How do you make a difference? By changing the story‚ by changing the pattern‚ and thus changing the results! How do you build a unique and successful you? For one thing stop making your circumstances‚ past mistakes to blame for your present lack of success!

Take Responsibility

Today everyone connects responsibility with something bad. Now of course we are not necessarily responsible for actions and things others do and say. But we can be responsible for whatever action or reaction that we take. It really isn’t possible for anyone to make you feel‚ or do anything. But you can decide if you want to feel a certain way‚ and take action accordingly. Instead of immediately reacting‚ try to take a step back and deciding what action would actually be the most appropriate. Flashes of anger are almost never a good reaction. Being more “mature” will help a lot. Try to see the long term result of your action‚ inaction or reaction. And reaction is almost always done impulsively.


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