believe hitting the wall is nothing more than an attitude of MLM overwhelm. We can control it‚ especially if we realize that Rome Was Not Built In one day. If we always take it one chunk at a time‚ we don’t have to hit the wall permanently! Lynda Cromar

How To Avoid MLM Overwhelm!


#1 — MLM Overwhelm Happens When You Get Too Much Too Fast

What usually creates overwhelm is to do too much too fast with little or no focus! Yes and I believe I can speak to that because I have done it! So my suggestion to you is to take one thing get so you know it‚ it becomes comfortable. and you develop unconscious confidence in that area.

While I am a big supporter of MLM Training‚ I also know that if someone tries to do too many at once‚ they will hit the wall or have an MLM Overwhelm episode which will actually back them out of doing it because of lack of confidence in themselves to actually be able to do it.

#2 Pushing Too Hard In A Daily Building Activity Will Cause MLM Overwhelm

So schedule your time to build and with a few activities that work. But also make sure to take breaks‚ get out and walk‚ veg-out‚ be with family and friends. I find that I am freshest early in the day‚ so I do the majority of my online network marketing activities then. Then to avoid MLM Overwhelm I take the evening when my husband is home‚ after 8–9 pm and spend it vegging with my husband in front of the TV.

#3 Things That Help You To Avoid MLM Overwhelm

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do I need to accomplish next to move my business forward?
  2. What do I need to learn to accomplish it?

#4 Know Yourself Well Enough To Listen To The Signs Of MLM Overwhelm!

I know myself and when I have figurative “hit the wall” or have started to experience MLM Overwhelm. It is truly only tired to me‚ not a permanent situation. Being able to close the door on it and come back refreshed the next day is a key element for me.

#5 Know What Voices To Listen To So That MLM Overwhelm Doesn’t Start!

Now this one is also very key to me. I know my mother meant well but she often told me that I do too much. Only you can be a judge of when too much is really too much. People outside of network marketing are probably not a good gauge for you. In the beginning I used to work a lot harder than I do now.

I knew that the efforts that I was doing were going to create something that the 9–5 attitude just wouldn’t bring me. I do work on weekends‚ but I too avoid MLM Overwelm I also get out with my husband‚ I spend time with family‚ I get away from it too. It is a matter of balance.


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