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How I Look At Obstacles Taken From A Video Last Winter

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.

 Christopher Reeve

In some parts of the country winter is here again. It can become an obstacle or it can be an opportunity. Its really how you choose to look at it.

I choose to see everything as an opportunity for growth and to learn. Maybe I am unique‚I don’t think so.

Today I share with you some of my thoughts from last winter. I might note that since this time I have exploded my business‚ because I didn’t let winter or any other obstacle stand in the way of my success!

I took a walk out in the new snow and talked about my challenges and what I learned from them. Here I share that enlightened video with you again. Enjoy! 

video transcript


Would it be okay with you if I give you the main points? If not feel free to watch the whole 7.5 minutes‚ (laugh) I love Colorado because of the differences and I don’t care what other people think! Today is about learning to have the strength to stay with it it for the duration and keep a strong commitment.

The way I see it ̵’; its our job to stay committed.


Whether we like it or not there will be problems and obstacles. If we allow ourselves we will start to give in to those problems or obstacles. What is needed is a strong reason why‚a strong drive and staying plugged in to positive role-models and believing in yourself and your dream even when no one else does.

I know all about obstacles



I have had times when it was just me against the world‚ including my family. I have had times when the entire world in which I live in believed that I was totally crazy. I have found though that you are actually in the right place when they think you are crazy.
Because you see‚ they are in a rut and they don’t understand. In fact there is a good chance that they won’t ever understand‚ and you know what that is okay! Yes its okay‚ because your conviction must be strong even against that kind of obstacle.

You have to stay true to your conviction and your commitment


You have to know this is correct and this is where you need to be. Because you have to know that you can’t change your circumstances just as you can’t change the weather. You can’t change anybody else but yourself.  You owe it to yourself to keep on that path. Everything happens for a purpose. Sometimes we have to have hard times to make us stronger.

I have been involved in network marketing long enough to know that the weather will come and the weather will go

What is inside of you must be consistent. It must be strong. When I started out I didn’t have anyone in my family that was in my business nor did I have anyone in my family that believed in me that I could do this. I also didn’t start out with anybody in my area here that was part of my team. They were all long distance. But it was okay because I believed in this‚ I trusted it‚ and I worked it now its becoming something HUGE!

I have a lot of people I am working with‚ that are really doubtful

You know you are just not going to survive if you let doubts in the way. I am walking this sidewalk‚ and I know where it ends up. It ends up back at my door! You know why I know that? Because I have done it before. And that is exactly the kind of feeling that you need to have for this. You have to know what your destination is. You have to know where you are going.

At first‚ I had a lot of people that thought what I was doing was totally crazy!



I declare this with full belief because I have proven it without a doubt! Listen this is the whole point of this thing! You know you are on the right path‚ when almost everybody you know thinks you are crazy! Did you know that?
It’s the absolute truth! Because what we are doing is uncommon. What we are doing is not the routine that everyone else is in‚ but they’re in a rut. They’re in a jail cell. They don’t know that really but they’re truly are. They are not where they want to be‚ and they’re future is just as uncertain as anything as you can imagine!

When I started out‚  I wasn’t exactly completely prepared for this


Its okay to not be completely prepare‚ but you know what‚ that’s good too‚ to bring that out. Because even if you are not completely prepared there are ways to get prepared. There are ways to learn more about what you want to learn so that you can get better at this.

Ready‚ fire Aim!


There is a book I read‚ I don’t know which one‚ I read so much‚ about‚ its called‚ well he talking about goals and how you set them and he says you need to get ready‚ fire‚ aim! Now that sound backwards‚ doesn’t it? But its absolutely true and I have proven it. Sometimes you absolutely have to get out there before  you have a perfect plan‚ before you have it all put together. Do it before you have all the T’s crossed‚ and the dots on every I. And you know what if you get there‚ and you start doing it‚ you find out that you have skills and abilities you never knew you had.

You won’t know what you have until you get out there


You don’t know that until you get out there. You don’t know that until you overcome some of your fears. You don’t know that until you actually put it into action everything people tell you to do. And yes‚ being made fun of is part of it. And you have to be expecting that. And you have to be okay with that.

You have to keep your commitments especially to yourself!



Promise yourself this You will commit yourself.  You know this is where I want to be. That should be how you feel wherever you are.



To Your Abundant Success!!

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