What Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do?

I love historical stuff…

I just recently watched the whole two seasons of The Tudors on Netflix…

Here is one key thing though… in almost anything .. there is a lot of sales and marketing going on there..

And writers might tweak the story to make it more exciting..

So while I was watching it.. I looked up the real history..

Because when I watched another favorite serial called Reign it gave the impression that the Mary in that story was the same as the Mary who was the first daughter of Henry and Catherine of Aragon.. which she was not..

So why do I bring up this?

Because marketing is about creating a certain feeling..

And it is definitely about the story…

Both of those stories were compelling and made you want to keep watching..

The one created by CW Reign did a bunch of license on the true history..

While The Tudors created for ShowTime was more accurate with the history part of it..

How can you use that in your marketing?

Whether you know it or not.. you are packaging yourself and marketing every single day!

It is not a good idea to lie.. but instead to create good marketing around your truths..

That does not mean lie.. or to tell all the bad stuff..

Marketing is about packaging and building upon the strengths!

That is one of the many things we teach people in our VIP Lounge….

And also one of the things I know about intimately!

Marketing and Packaging is one of the strengths I bring to the mastermind!

Points made in comments about this:

  • Build on your strengths for sure!
  • being authentically powerful
  • Making it REAL… Because if you don’t‚ WHO will?
  • Being real … best way to market to other real people. Like attract likes you know!Here is an example of the insane value we bring

To Your Abundant Success!!

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