Move Through The Fear And Pain To Victory!

Most don’t realize when they are constantly urged to step out of their comfort zone..that it is to step into your fear and insecurity..And that is where most fail, because they just can’t seem to make themselves go there!I will be the first to admit that going into the unknown insecure places are scary and something I don’t always want to do..

But it is in that wiliness to step into that fear, to walk in a new unknown path that the most success begins to happen..

Even today, I am not taking the action that a big crowd is taking..

I must follow a unique path..

often it is not quite known..

if it was it would not be out of my comfort zone..

It is one of the things that will bring more success than anything else,

being able to walk through your biggest fear!

It is so easy to stay in your fear and insecurity..

After all that is what we have been doing all of our lives

And it really started in infancy, “don’t do that you will get burned!”

Somehow we have to step away from those fears or we will never win in anything

We can’t be just caught up in our past mistakes

Or so sure that we cannot afford it that we never ever take a chance!

When I got started,

I didn’t have a huge reserve of money sitting there waiting to keep me going

And I knew I would have to pay for it first not get the profit first

And I did get a profit, because I planned for it, and didn’t let fear stand in the way

We can’t make it “I will do it if I make money” (that is the employee mindset)

We have to say, “what action do I need to take quickly to make money?”

That is the voice of the Entrepreneur!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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