We Must Adopt A Winning Philosophy!

This year in May I turned 60 years old. Why does that come into play here? Because in society‚ that is considered old‚ over the hill‚ washed up done!

Now if I let that influence me as I am quite sure it does with a lot of people‚ then they would believe that too. And that will stop you dead in your tracks before you even begin!

This old dog cannot learn new tricks?

Really? Is that true or is it a philosophy you have accepted as true. I have found actually‚ that the older I get‚ and the more I seek after learning‚ the more I learn‚ and the more I want to learn. It feels good to learn‚ and grow.

I am set in my ways

Only if you think this is true. Being set‚ like cement‚ means you cannot change? Well you better change if you want to have more! Jim Rohn said often:

“For things to change‚ you must change!”

He didn’t say‚ when you reach a certain maturity‚ then you cannot change. And guess what he was always learning‚ right up to when he died. And so can you‚ but only if you decide to change.

Changing That Philosophy About Change

First of all it is very important to change your philosophy that you are too old. Now I am especially talking to the baby boomers of which I am one. We can absolutely grow and change. I am sure you have seen people who have done things at later years.

One person who comes to mind is the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken‚ Colonel Sanders. He had a successful restaurant but due to economic hardship he was forced to close it.

He was 70 years old‚ and was selling his special recipe of fried chicken out of a mobile truck! But today‚ everyone knows his name‚ because he didn’t give up because of age or hardship!

Living To The Top!

We talk a lot about the glass half empty or half full. Which is yours‚ mine is overflowing. I live to the top today‚ I do not wait for my ship to come in‚ I go out and get it‚ even if it means to swim to it! And what is stopping you from doing the same thing!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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