You Must Set Goals‚ Resolutions And Have Faith In Yourself and in Your Network Marketing Efforts

When You Have A Goal In Your MLM Network Marketing Efforts It Is Really Fun How It Comes About

Creative risk taking is essential to success in any goal where the stakes are high. Thoughtless risks are destructive‚ of course‚ but perhaps even more wasteful is thoughtless caution which prompts inaction and promotes failure to seize opportunity.Gary Ryan Blair

Resolutions Your MLM Network Marketing Efforts

Reflecting on The New Year and The Old Year

New Year’s Day is a time to reflect on the past year’s events‚ both good and bad‚ old resolutions you didn’t keep‚ and new resolutions you plan to uphold.

Many think of resolutions as temporary and goals as more permanent. in your MLM network marketing efforts there is a certain amount of risk involved. I sometimes get asked what the risk is when they are considering being in business. Of course there is risk‚ but if you don’t change you don’t go forward‚ if you stay where you are‚ you go backwards.

You Must Set Goals in Your MLM Network Marketing Efforts

On Setting Goals

I set goals. I don’t always have a way to make them happen. I just set them‚ I start to take action and a way appears. It is partly about the action and partly about the FAITH.

Many I talk to often look at something and they want to figure it all out first. And most of the time‚ they never ever take any action. Many want it to be risk free but where is there something that is totally risk free? In MLM Network Marketing efforts we make can create a freedom that is not possible anywhere else!

I now have everything in place to make the affirmation that is literally in my office on my white board a reality. Do I have all of the how in place‚ most of it but not all of it. But like everything I take action‚ begin‚ and then the rest falls into place. Hmmm maybe that is why I am reaching my goals‚ do you think!

You Must Have Faith In Yourself and in Your MLM Network Marketing Efforts

And Finally We Come To Faith – 

In MLM Network Marketing there is a lot of faith involved‚ and its probably not what you think. I think at first in my mlm network marketing efforts‚ I had to have faith in sponsors and mentors. And as things went on‚ I began to have faith in my company and product. Then later I developed a lot of faith in myself.

But it all started from that small seed of faith.  My thoughts on Faith. This is a touchy one. I have had people that simply don’t have it.  I said this last night and it applies so well here: I would rather have 10 people with a small amount of money but a lot of faith‚ than twice as many with money.

The ones with faith will go twice as far! I have seen this over and over in my team. I will give the same things to do to the doubting Tomas‚ as I do to the Faithful Fran‚ and Faithful Fran will be the one with success‚ even if they are taking identical action! My final word is on excuses: If you spent less time thinking up excuses and more time doing it‚ you wouldn’t need excuses!

And That Is Why You Must Set Goals‚ Resolutions And Have Faith In Yourself and in Your MLM Network Marketing Efforts


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