My Dying Mother Is Learning To Write Her Story On The Computer!

Mom on 78th Birthday

Taken on her 78th birthday celebration at her favorite restaurant!

I am experiencing a very interesting thing by watching my mother.

Remember the first time you tried to drive a car? Was it easy? NO! Was it worth it? YES!

You don’t remember but the first time you walked ̵’; You fell
The first time you crawled ̵’; your arms slipped and you bumped your nose.

The first time you rode a bike ̵’; You fell and skinned a knee
The first time you roller skated ̵’; you fell on your back end

Our whole life we are in the process of mastering something we are not good at.

So it is interesting to me to think that the majority of the adults I meet today‚ tell me they can’t because…

When we were children‚ we didn’t do that‚ even when there was a really real possibility of failure!

So back to my mother‚ shes going through a lot of frustration‚ and I am running back to help her a lot.

The key thing though is I am not doing it for her‚ but showing her how to do it even though because of her illness she May not remember and have to be re-taught many many times‚and it takes a lot of patience.

She May never get it‚ but she is already more confident than she was last week when she first express a desire to do it.

Just like the child that falls down‚ but determinedly gets up and tries again‚

Does that remind you of something?

I tried many times at MLM before I found the right way to do it‚ and I fell down more times than I would like to admit.

Mom reminds me I used to do square corners when I was learning to drive‚ but I drive perfectly now!

The major difference is to have a strong enough WHY that the falling down‚ doesn’t stop me from doing it. That I know I want it and I will succeed. 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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