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People ask me all the time what is the business you are in? I am in MLM Network Marketing just like you‚and just like you I am passionate about it.

But I have found that its not profitable and it doesn’t work to blast my business all over Facebook and other Social Networks.

A Word Or Two On MLM Technologies

I get offers daily to look at tools‚ the next hot thing‚ again here is the deal: if its going to work it must be duplicatable. In other words‚ that 90–100% of my team can do the same thing. There are many amazing technologies out there today.

And I think sometimes we get caught up in the technologies instead of the people. With people losing jobs right and left‚ there are thousands a month coming into network marketing‚but again‚ they won’t be able to sustain buying huge amounts of technology to make it go.

I get into that in more depth in my story. What is profitable and what does work is to help others in their businesses. Yes you heard me‚ not trying to change them‚ but giving them help in what they are doing.


Because when you pay forward‚ you always get something‚ not from that person maybe‚ but you grow‚ and as you grow you attract those who do want to be in your primary.

First My MLM Story:

I had the privilege this week to be on one of the calls as a guest speaker. Well I have to clarify this it was a letter that I wrote. I purposely didn’t get on the call because I didn’t want it to be about me.

So I wrote a letter about how I had come to some conclusions about some of the mistakes I had made in network marketing and what I had learned. Due to space considerations I am not going to include that whole letter here.

In essence I said that I had gotten into a company which their primary way to get people to talk to was to buy leads. I wanted to succeed and I actually spent money on these leads‚and I worked it like I was told to.

It seemed though the harder I worked the less I got out of it‚ so I threw more money into it‚much like a gambler‚ believing that maybe the “golden prospect” was in that batch. It took loosing a lot more money than I will disclose here‚ and nearly loosing my marriage before I woke up.

And part of that process of waking up was a little e-book‚ called Success In 10 Steps. To tell you the truth the first time I came across the book I was madder than XXX#$@% if you know what I mean! I didn’t want to believe I had been so stupid to be taken that way.

I pride myself that I am usually pretty sensible‚ but my emotions got tangled up in it‚and of course I loooooved the products.

Needed A Second Lesson Or Two

That was the first tool I spent money on Paid leads‚ and no one has to ask‚ bad result. Okay that wasn’t enough of a lesson‚ I went looking for another system‚ I found several‚ all telling me they would train me‚ for a price.

I bought it again‚ I spent big money‚ again I won’t disclose it‚ and again it was a loosing proposition. Not only does that lead to disaster but it also leads to a result of non-duplication.

What do I mean by that? If the 100% of the individuals that I coach in my own team are not able to copy me and get the same result it is not duplicatable. And if they cannot afford it‚then it is not duplicatable. Plain and simple‚ that is it!

So What MLM Tool Does Work?

When I say I am very sure there are some great tools out there‚ many of which are probably creating awesome results‚ my main objective is to bring you what works now‚ and what is the least expensive or free!

Because I have found‚ if one doesn’t watch out there is going to be more advertising dollars going out than‚ the revenue coming in. And I can say that with authority because I did it‚as you see in the story above.



To Your Abundant Success!!

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