Network Marketers You Envy


  • Be fast to call back your new prospects that opt in‚ or expressed an interest by the phone.
  • Call them back within 24–48 hours‚ and when you do‚ it’s about getting to know them and help them.
  • Have expectations of them‚ that if they want to be in business they are not looking for someone to hound them‚ you are too busy to do that!
  • Expect the best of your company‚ and do your own homework and make sure you are congruent with it‚ never just about the money.
  • Have respect for yourself enough to not be needy‚ and be picky who you work with‚in other words they deserve your time by taking action and completing the assignments that you give them.
  • Look for good in yourself and others‚ don’t make excuses‚ and don’t buy anyone else’s.
  • You are there to support and train‚ provide information‚ make sure they get the training and events that come up. You are not there to give them 24/7 of your time.
  • When necessary you tell it like it is. You give them the real success secrets but they still have to take the action‚ and you show them by example the action that they should take!
  • Tell them what you expect of them. Tell them it’s worth it‚ but it also takes time.
  • Be okay with telling them it is not a good fit‚ never try to push someone into a mold that they are not willing to fit into.
  • Be hard at work at your own business‚ and especially your own personal development and expect them to do the same!




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