In Network Marketing Building A Strong Foundation Inside Of Your Mind

This Is Your Mind On Negative Thinking!

Are you worrying? Are you in fear? Are you resentful?

What we are doing‚ seeing‚ and associating with on a daily basis either makes or breaks us! I know this is true because I used to spend the majority of my time worrying about my future and about what I was going to do.

I had a lot of negative words in my vocabulary‚ like “I can’t‚ I don’t know‚ I am afraid‚ I doubt.” What kind of pictures do those words create?

You see many people don’t realize what they see‚ hear and experience daily is produced by their thoughts and who they associate with‚ and what they feed their minds with‚ or what they allow to infiltrate their minds. Now think of a virus.

We get infected by one little critter‚ but what happens is it feeds upon the body‚ and creates more and more‚ until we get sick. The same thing is true about the doubt and fear we are around all of the time!

Ask yourself these questions:

What do you want to become? What are you feeding your mind? Who are you with daily?And what is the so what?  (I am not doing the e-book but I can help you through the Empower Network)

What are you becoming?

Are you letting others form you by what you let in? Or are you actively building on a firm foundation?

Do you plan for the shifting sands of life?

Do you build a foundation down to bedrock? What are you feeding your mind? Are you letting the negative from the news create doubt and fear? Or are you building from positive sources?



To Your Abundant Success!!

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