Being “All In” In Your Network Marketing Company‚ Are You?

Mindset “All In.”

The picture to the left is my daughter at age 15.

She had a problem with the car so she made up her mind‚ to fix it.

I had to snap a picture of her covered with grease. She generally loved to take good care of herself and this was not typical! “Are You All In?” its a good question and worth exploring today. There are many things that will get in the way.

First of all what do I mean by “All In”? In poker it means you are betting it all. You are not holding anything back. I see this all the time that people hold back a lot in their business. In the book “The Millionaire Mind‚” by T. Harve Ecker‚ he talks about how rich people think vs poor people.

Many people because they have been brought up with “poor thinking” always create an escape hatch‚ a back door. They play to not loose‚ rather than playing to win.

In order to change that thinking its really important to explore that‚ do you have this “but”in the back of your mind? Are you finding a back door‚ a quick escape so you don’t have to loose? Or are you playing to win? So lets explore what to do about that:

  1. I don’t have enough money vs I choose not to spend my money on that
  2. I will get another job and I will work hard vs I will give myself the time that it takes to learn what I will need to learn to make this work.
  3. I will give it a try vs I will give it all I have got!

We can go on and on with this and there are probably 100’s of examples but I think you get what I am driving at here. Look at your commitment level‚ are you holding yourself back by not being “All In.”? 


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