How Did You Feel When They Told You MLM Is Selling? – Well‚ Its Not!

Its A Sales Job..NOT!

The people who tell you that to be successful in MLM‚ you’ve got to become a salesperson are … the salespeople! If you haven’t noticed‚ they are very arrogant.

They believe that what they do is the ONLY correct way to do the business‚ and anyone who doesn’t do it THEIR way is a loser. And what happens when you try their techniques?

Don’t fall for it.

Trying To Sell Absolutely Does Not Work!

Ninety-two percent of the world’s population — like you and me — is sales resistant.

They don’t like to sell. They don’t like to be sold. You go into a store‚ looking for a shirt or a pair of shoes‚ the sales clerk comes up‚ what do you say?

“I’m just looking.”

People do not want to be sold. And then you get into network marketing and some upline superstar space commander guru leader tells you‚ “OK.

Start by making a list of your friends & family.” And the plan is to turn YOU into that pushy‚aggressive salesperson that nobody likes. Well‚ is it no wonder that you feel beaten up and like its not working?

Selling does not work in this business. Even if you’re one of the 8% of the population who can do it‚ you’ll never be able to duplicate‚ because 9’% of the people who join you simply will not sell.

And..isn’t that what this is all about being able to duplicate yourself? I go on websites and see brand new companies TODAY‚ and their “training” is‚ “Make a list of your friends & family.”That’s what the industry did 50 years ago. Today is a new day. It didn’t really work then‚ why is it going to work better today?

You can’t be successful trying to sell. Instead — — You Have To Really Target Your Market

Find prospects who have raised their hand‚ and build relationships with those people. People buy from people they know‚ like‚ & trust.

You have to build that relationship. Building relationships with people is easy and fun‚ when you have a system that works. For more information on our magical relationship-building system and FREE training to boom your network marketing business and your income‚ go to Color To Success.

So what will you learn?

This upline guru leader wants to turn you into that pushy‚ aggressive salesperson that nobody likes. can you see why it doesn’t work?

Let’s Try It The OTHER Way — Listening!

When you listen‚ you will quickly learn the Color personality of your prospect. This allows you to build know‚ like‚ & trust‚ and you can consistently build your business‚ day by day by day.

And as you teach your people to listen for the Color personality of their prospects‚ all of a sudden THEY aren’t in that sales mode. Instead‚ they’re in the mode of trying to figure out‚ “What can I do to help this person?”

As you find out what Color they are‚ you find out their personality‚ and their hot buttons.

Why is that so important?

Because not everyone wears the same size shoe.

When you actually listen and spot which of the 4 personality types they are‚ you have the ability to communicate directly with that person on the basis of THEIR wants and needs. That makes all the difference in the world.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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