No Regrets‚ Take the Past And Build The Future!

I just realized as I was musing today about the whole last few years‚ in particular the past 6 years that I could spend a lot of time regretting all of my mistakes‚ or I could realize that they all brought me to where I am today‚ right now!

Too much time is spent‚ in my opinion regretting‚ and hating yourself‚ and kicking yourself‚ and down right sabotaging yourself because of past mistakes. When I actually take a real look at it though I can honestly say‚that it had to happen the way it did.


I also realized that I make choices‚ (so does everyone) based on the available information at the time. I also know that we can only make our choices‚ whether they are good or bad based on where we are in our personal evolution!

That is a big word‚ but think about it‚ if you are growing‚ and changing‚ and working on yourself. Aren’t you going through your own personal evolution? I know that I have been‚ when I look at it that way I have to say‚ I just sit here in amazement.

Quest For Better!

So here is my conclusion; I can either spend all of my time and energy in the regret of the past. Or I can spend most of it in a personal growth quest‚ seeking to be better all the time. I can take what I got from the past‚ and what happened to help me make better choices in the future!

Homework For You: Stop Beating Yourself Up About The Past!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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