Not Accepting The Inevitable‚ Always Pushing The Envelope!

The though came to me this morning about the phrase “Go With The Flow‚” which I think gets misinterpreted all the time.
The “flow” is when you are in the zone‚ meaning a high productivity in your activities whether its a personal endeavor or its business related.

Many have interpreted it to mean letting down and just letting life take you where it will.

That would mean someone not believing they have any control over their future or not wanting to take any control.

I bring this up because‚ my mother is living with me. She is 78 years old and she has Congestive Heart Failure. She went into hospice almost a year ago.

The average life-span of someone in hospice is less than a year‚ around 6 months most of the time. Why?

Because they start believing they are going to die. I never approached it that way‚ but took advantage of having the services because then she wouldn’t have to travel to the doctors office all the time.

And she gets extraordinary care. On the other hand‚ I have lavishly cared for her with my Limu Plus‚ The Appetizer Shakes and Cookies‚ which have not just sustained her life but increased her quality of life.

So coming up to a year I have actually seen a slight improvement‚ and she has become more active. This is not a brag but fact.

But this is not to tell you about the products although if you want to know more message me. Its to state a attitude I have had about this and how I believed that right to the end she would get the best care.

I made a promise to her that she wouldn’t have to go to a nursing home‚ and I will keep that promise. I always keep my promises.

And this is coming back to my attitude about “Going with the flow.” My idea about that is that we push the envelope‚ we put in that extra kick even at the end‚ when we are worn out and tired.

I don’t believe in giving up‚ I believe in re-adjusting at times‚ but not giving up. In business it May mean that the company I was in a few years back was not going to fit in with my goals‚but it doesn’t mean throw the baby out with the bath water.

I am rambling but what my intention is to continue living at the highest level possible‚ (not just about money) But living with the highest expectation and the highest intention and commitment level always.

Not expecting failure‚ but adjust and keep going when it comes. Now I know mom will eventually die‚ but I will be there all the way.

I have a sister who has chosen to not be part of this‚ because she is afraid. That is a terrible loss. At the end‚ I will not have any regrets of what I wanted to do and didn’t. I will have many memories to cherish.

Whatever you do in life do it with “all of your heart.” “Go for the Gusto‚” “Go for the Gold.: You only have one life‚ this is not a rehearsal.

When you are done‚ regret won’t help you. Be quick to say I’m sorry and I love you. Strike the word hate out of your vocabulary. Take care of the things that matter!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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