Not Every Lead Becomes Your Prospect!

Just because someone responds to your link doesn’t actually mean they are a prime prospect yet. They first become a suspect! In other words you know they are at least curious‚ and that May be all.

You don’t yet know if you can help them. So the phone call is all about finding out if they are looking for what you have. You are not there in the initial phone call to get them to look at your product or service.

You are there on a fact-finding mission! Until you establish their real reason for coming into your lead-list you are not ready to move any farther with them. And it’s key here to realize that many of them are not looking for what you have. Most leads get numerous sales calls daily.

When a real live person calls them‚ particularly when the purpose of the call is to offer help (not ask if the lead had a chance to check out their web site)‚ they are surprised‚ pleased‚and their salesman alarms stop going off. Not everyone will become a prospect‚ actually most won’t‚ but you never know which people will.

So‚ you treat all of your leads with dignity and respect and a heart to offer them help‚ not to reel them in.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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