Why I am Not Hyping Up A 100% Commission Money-Making Opportunity!

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A 100% Commission Money-Making Opportunity Gets Offered To Me Daily.. I don’t know how many things I get offered about a 100% Commission money-making opportunityand tools and training from at least dozens of marketers daily. And I have to say it‚ it really is not the opportunity that is important but how you market and create your list of eager buyers!

MLSP VS A 100% Commission Money Making Opportunity (MLSP has 20 or more income streams)

  • Real Marketing not spamming techniques
  • Confidence because it is complete
  • New and cutting edge training added all the time without charge
  • Chance to work with the top Internet Marketers
  • No hype‚ but proven time-tested techniques and strategies that is taking people to the top with their own MLM Primary Company
  • All the tools — capture pages ready made and the tools to create your own unique capture pages any time that you want to.
  • Customized to help both the newbie marketer‚ and the advanced marketer
  • Integrates with Aweber‚ Get Response and Oprius list building systems

Now We Have To Be Clear But I Am Telling You Why I am Not HYping Up A 100% CommissionMoney-Making Opportunity

This is not to say that there are not real good ones that offer a 100% CommissionMoney-Making Opportunity and just this weekend one came across my desk that was very tempting and I May go ahead and do it later. But here is the thing‚ it has to be more than the quick money‚ because that can go away.

It has to be about a stable system that will be there tomorrow. MLSP that I mention in the video has been doing just that for over 3 years. I have to say even if they offer a 100% commission money-making opportunity as a start up I will not jump real fast because the hype might not hold up to the real performance of it.

I have been involved in another one that was full of bugs and people spamming the internet until they got banned from Facebook and that is not the kind of thing that I want to be involved in. I want to both learn and teach real sound marketing on the internet that will stand the test of time.


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