You Are Not Promised A Rose Garden

I Found Out How To Create MLM Leaders In My Network Marketing Business!

#1 How We Are Will be what We Attract!

What is most significant to me‚ and should be to you‚ is who I am aligned with is what they will think of me. I must always have that in mind with all of my associations. Lynda Cromar

I made a choice quite a while ago‚ to make sure that I like the path I have taken‚ and not get very easily‚ distracted‚ or offended! I am amazed actually how many people just randomly become sponsored by the first person they come across‚ they never research or find out about that person‚ whether they truly can follow through with the leadership and the promises that they offered!

They at first are not thinking like MLM Leaders‚ and therefore are not looking for MLM Leaders either! Then down the road a while they wonder why they didn’t get what they wanted. To illustrate that‚ I have one of the affiliate programs that I am part of called “Empower Network” that is just one of them‚ mind you. I had a short chat with someone that said why didn’t I join him.

Well‚ the major reason was‚ that he didn’t demonstrate to me the leadership that would attract me to him. And he continued to whine‚which frankly‚ became even more of a determent to me! That is why I pick who I am sponsored by‚ I purposely pick MLM Leaders that offer more than I presently have.

I am not bragging but stating a fact that it would be foolish for me to choose to be sponsored by someone who is brand new in the business‚ unless they themselves are aligned with a leadership that can be of benefit to me. And you should also have that same attitude. Who you align with really does matter!

#2 Identify Who You Are Becoming So That You Can Attract MLM Leaders!

“You are always just one choice away from changing your life.” ~Marcy Blochowiak

This is the second punch of the one-two punch to building a leadership team. As I said briefly in my video I am always learning and growing‚ and I do very definitely choose who I am aligned with and who I decided to be involved with in anything. I never randomly join someone‚ IN ANYTHING WITHOUT FIRST LOOKING AT THAT PERSON!

You should feel that way too! Whether we are talking MLSP or Empower Network‚I didn’t just join somebody‚ but I picked who I wanted to be connected with. And there have been those who have asked why I didn’t join them. #1 is that I look at their leadership‚ if it isn’t there‚ I would not join them And so‚ once those two things are established‚ it is a matter of deciding what your target market really is.

I wrote a post earlier this week about the baby boomers and how I know that that is my main market! I know that because I am myself attracted to those who are in the 40+ age range‚and also that I myself am in that age group. I have arrived at that from a few years of growth and development myself. I realize I must always be building and growing myself. So what about you‚ what discoveries have you found as you grow as a MLM Leader?


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