How Not To Be A Selfish Marketer


  • Make sure that your articles or blog posts or your status is always something of value that answers the problem for someone joining your business.
  • Be careful in claiming to be an expert‚ answer a question specifically and if it is not something you know make sure to have resources to point them to.
  • Make sure you are not making inflated claims about making huge sums of money‚and then leave your new recruits in the dust to figure it out.
  • Don’t be selfish‚ understand that the person you recruit has a problem to solve‚ be about solving their problem‚ not yours!
  • Care.. actually take the time to find out about them. Let them talk‚ even if it’s not related to business.
  • Don’t brag about what you have accomplished‚ it’s not going to help them. Make sure you give them realistic expectations of what it takes to build their own business. And never show your checks; that is called enticement‚ and is actually against the law.
  • Don’t give false hope.
  • Don’t subscribe to other people’s lists for the express purpose of pitching your business to them‚ very unprofessional!
  • Make sure you connect with them‚ by picking up the telephone. Yeah this is a people business that means you really have to talk to people!
  • Don’t be in more than one opportunity and share those with others‚ it’s very confusing and then you break their trust because you already sponsored them into one of them. You leave them wondering why you decided for them which one they should be in.
  • Never be pushy‚ the more you insist they get started‚ the more they are going to be pushing away from you‚ very unattractive!

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