Doing The Numbers In Network Marketing

This is a people business..


We can not base our future in any one person‚ either an upline or a downline..

The only thing we can do is love people where they are

And always be looking for more people that are ready for what we have..

One of the things I did early on‚ is to start planning my success because of one or two that had joined me

And while I could have a winner with one of them..

I cannot start counting those chickens before they are hatched

So you have to get good at the skill of inviting

Get good at helping them through large training

And continue doing it for however long it takes

That is where the law of large numbers comes in

We are taught that we only have to get 3 or 4 but we really don’t know which 3 or 4 will take off and take the action necessary‚ or change the mindset so that they can win..

So we can stay focused on the 2 or 3 or 4 first ones that we sponsor

And we cannot go by what they say either‚ because things can happen

So we keep sharing it‚ (and it definitely helps to learn the skills rather than just taking big stabs in the dark)

That is why this is so valuable to me‚

Think of it just like the baseball player..

He doesn’t sit down and say he is done‚ on his first home run!

That would be silly!

No he continues to hone his game‚ getting better and practicing every day

He is in every game‚ sometimes he hits well‚ sometimes he strikes out

But he continues to improve his game!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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