One More Degree!

The difference between 211 and 212 is 1 degree‚ its the difference between hot water and steam that can power a locomotive. That one degree of extra effort can be the difference between winning and loosing!.

It May be the next phone call the next Facebook comment the next thought! l. It May be that extra hour spent on personal development.

It May be the extra moment spent coaching a client. Its the passion for what you believe in coming across as that you care and you want to help. Its the extra belief and passion that you need to finish the race‚ the call‚ the day with a win.

I believe that and have been applying it with ever more effort each day. And I would like to challenge you to watch this save the favorite and use it as a tool‚ what powers you?

Have you defined your passion? Have you found your steam? Do you let others control you‚or do you control yourself? Only you can decide‚ your results are going to tell you whether you are on track or not.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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