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The whole thing is like discovering an ancient map.  Its really about two things I will explore just one of them today.

Number 1 — is about discovering yourself‚ how you can be the best you can imagine‚and in most cases better than you can imagine.

Number 2 — (we will explore today) Is how to understand what it is and how to do it. I purposely chose an image that looks old.

Think about it‚ everyone is looking for some kind of secret formula that works and no one else knows about. (or in this case a map!)

Online Tools And Training And Why It Is The Gateway..

It is so key to realize that especially Online Tools and Training are the gateway to building your skills and influence online! So lets talk about why I offer the Online Tools and Training which I do. First of all I offer a Free Facebook Mastermind training as a webinar every Friday. If you want to learn more then just like any of the others who have perfected their skills‚ its not free.


I have learned through much trial and error that much of what is shared online for free is either only a small piece of the complete formula and not the whole thing.

Why would someone do that? Because most of us have gone through much struggle to learn it and to share it all without some compensation‚ would be like a doctor agreeing to do his surgeries for free! The main objective of both of the main systems

I endorse is that they bring you what works now. And also even more critical a way to make money now. Because as I have said in another post‚ the MLM Business Model‚ doesn’t bring you fast money!

So what is the buried treasure? It is recognizing like everything MLM is a business and to be successful you must learn new skills. The Online Tools and Training I share are ways that you can be a leg up on someone who tries to bluster his way through without them!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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