An Open Letter To My Old Friends‚ My Old Mentors‚ My Old Enemies!

 Thanks Yes I want to say thank you to all‚ and here is why:

Thank you to all of my old friends that I have very little contact with‚ because your disbelief in me‚ fired up my need to be more. Because of that I went to the extra classes‚ events‚and I listened to the audios.

I guess needing to prove myself at first was a goal. Then I started to love the things I found out about myself and others! I started to realize that the reason you criticized my desire to be better‚ is that you didn’t believe in yourself.

I realize now that the only thing that really matters is believing in myself and trusting myself. Because my opinion of myself is the only one that matters. So again thanks old friends‚ your disbelief helped me find a much deeper belief!

Thank you old mentors. Your methods and your mind-control May have had an effect on a weaker person. Somehow inside I knew what you taught was wrong. It made me go looking for a better way!

So thank you old mentors you raised the questions that needed to be asked. Thanks for your lack of real honesty‚ it made me question your motives‚ and again it made me go searching for the truth.

Thank you old mentors for your condescending attitude towards me. Your lack of faith in a leader that could have made you thousands‚ brought me to a team that does see my value.

So thank you for what you did‚ it helped me to grow into the leader I always knew I could be!

Thank you old enemies. You helped me to get stronger. I have learned that adversarial contacts can help raise the most questions.

And a mirror is brought before me and teaches me who I really am inside. When I looked sometimes I didn’t like what I saw. So thank you for bringing that mirror out and making me look. It showed me where I must change.

And last but most definitely not least‚ thank you to all true friends and mentors. You saw something in me before I saw it for myself. You kept the faith as I worked through all of the doubt and fear.

You kept encouraging when I would falter. You showed me what a real Mentor is supposed to be. That helped me become the same kind of mentor. I am now helping others the way you helped me!

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