How to Overcome MLM Fear


MLM Fear Is Natural But We Can Overcome MLM Fear With The Right Tools..


In order to Overcome MLM Fear we must first come to understand what it is and why we have it.

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Yesterday I talked about how to overcome overwhelm. And then  I got you thinking about how you can turn excuses into results. Its possible for someone get to the point where they can walk away from something and do something that they want. The post before that was the MLM Secret that we can all apply! Finally last week I talked about sound MLM Business Practices that will help you. All of these will supplement today.


Everyone has times when they find that they are experiencing a difficulty and need to overcome MLM Fear. And to overcome MLM Fear we have to recognize where it comes from‚ it usually comes because of something new we are attempting to learn in regard to our MLM.


We have a great imagination and unfortunately we have learned to use it to create pictures of defeat. Today I am going to talk to you about how to overcome MLM Fear and stop creating those pictures of defeat..


In my photo I went to a “Millionaire Mind Intensive” Which is all about mindset. So much of what we do is really about our mindset‚ what we are thinking. We can totally sabotage ourselves because of that. The point is that the danger we feel that often triggers the fear response is all in our head‚ and once we take any action at all that fear begins to dissolve.


Thoughts On How To Overcome MLM Fear And How To Respond To Our Fear Response


Of course again I would like to use the Olympics as another example. I was watching the high platform diving last night and saw it as an example.


Now one of the things I heard the commentator say is that the divers hit the water at 30 miles an hour! Whooo was my first reaction‚ that can break bones! But if you were watching‚ no one did. Why? Because they have been very well trained. Even with that at times there are injuries yes.


For those of us who are MLM Entrepreneurs it is up us to find ways to become trained well in what we are doing. It is in being well trained that we Overcome MLM Fear. The fear diminishes when we can be trained and then take the action in that training.


Key Points On How to Overcome MLM Fear


  • Recognize it and that it is natural
  • Get the training that you need‚ stay open to all possibilities
  • Most fear comes from a lack of understanding of what you are doing
  • You are using your imagination to create pictures of what will go wrong
  • Change that picture to what will go right!
  • If you go through good training that you trust you can expect good results
  • There is an element of danger or risk we can recognize it without being frozen by the fear of that new behavior or process if we have trust in the process
  • We are really fearful of what others are going to say about us
  • We don’t have to be left in a place of fear if we do take the time learn the process
  • We don’t gain anything from defending our old process if we don’t really get results from it
  • If we loose the attachment to the process and instead stay open‚ we can tweak the process until we start getting results.

To Your Abundant Success!!

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