MY MLM Sponsoring Secrets –
A Proven‚Tested 5-Step System Part 2’– Building Relationships


Because of those frequent questions I will review the 5 things I know you have to have in order to create your success:

To grow your network marketing business you need to do:
  1. Targeted lead generation
  2. Automated prospect follow-up
  3. One-on-one relationship building
  4. Sponsoring and
  5. Training

Yesterday we talked about 1 and 2‚ lets continue the discussion moving to 2–3. The first part is to get the contact info‚ name‚ e-mail‚ sometimes the phone number‚ by targeting specific individuals based on things they are interested in. Its called the squeeze or capture page.

You do that by promising something they want for free. They exchange their information for what you promised. So‚ now you delivered it‚ now what? There needs to be a continuous conversation.

Some people hate to pick up the phone but there is no faster way to build rapport! The second best way is to send friendly e-mails via the auto-responder. You are interested in building a relationship‚ this is going to be the beginning of the sales funnel.

So how do we do that?

And if you are like me‚ you are really looking for partners in your business and you want the ones that are ready eager and dying to join you! You have to establish some like and trust. People like to buy but they don’t like to be sold.

What does that mean?

It means that you must build rapport‚ another word most people misinterpret. Building that feeling that we can trust someone‚ that we like them‚ that we want to be part of what they are doing. We want what they have. You have felt that with other people‚ what was it that attracted you to them. Did they push you and prod you or did they shine on you in a way that made you want more?

How do you tell when you have the hot one?

Why do some people join and then quit? You would like to blame it on that person. And yes they make their own choices.

But lets examine this a minute. Have you truly built that know‚ like‚ and trust with them? If you want some strong people that are going to raise their hands and say yes‚ you must be the person they are looking for‚ yes that is harsh but I promised to tell you like it is.

You will want to keep building that rapport. You can’t control who will be hot and who will not‚but if you are doing all that you can it won’t be long until you know which ones deserve your attention. I hate when people talk like its all about numbers. Yes you must work with more than one‚ but you can’t make it sound like‚ or feel like you are just picking up sticks to throw into the fire. How much rapport do you feel you are building with that philosophy?

You let the auto-responder talk to everyone‚ and you watch for those who want more from you‚ and you give them the attention they deserve. When you find the ones that have follow through and are eager and coachable you mentor them. In other words you look for someone who is looking for you. They will return your trust and loyalty‚ and that’s the beauty of this!


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