A Persons Name Does Matter So Get It Right!

Today Be Sensitive to Another and Make Sure To Say And Spell Their Name Right! Does It Matter ̵ It Matters A Lot!

You can close more business in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.

Dale Carnegie

60348_154652611224073_4043545_n1-minThe song going through my mind to day is Liza with a Z from Liza Minelli

That goes back a while and maybe you don’t know who she is‚but daughter of Judy Garland‚ and star in her own right. Songster‚ and Broadway. Still preforms today.

She did a song about names‚ look it up its great.

She was telling about how most people called her “Lisa” and she would say its “Liza” long i and a z

Why do I bring that up‚ it matters‚ when you talk to someone whether its in person or its online.

People identify with their name.

If its a Cathy‚ don’t spell it Kathy

If its Larri don’t spell it Larry

If its Lynda don’t spell it Linda

We do that out of habit! So we need to be aware!

My name if you would like to know comes actually from my grandfather. His name was LYMAN. so my name is with a Y not and I.

Does it matter?

You bet it does

It shows respect‚ and that you actually notices. You will make points and people will appreciate you immensely for doing it right.

Listen to Liza she will tell you:



To Your Abundant Success!!

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