Are You Playing The Game For a Win-Win or a Win-Lose


To Clarify Your Attitude (Your Thoughts) Govern Your Actions!

So I had this conversation today ( I will blot the name so you are not distracted by that..

Facebook Friend: Hey girlie! Great to connect with ya! Loved your post! SOOO dead on!

Me: hey there!

Facebook Friend: How are you sunshine?

Me: totally awesome and you?

Facebook Friend: Right with ya! It’s been an amazing day already! So I am a straight shooter…what do you do?

Me: I would love to share it with you.. been having lots of fun with it.. so I have a video for you will you watch it?

Facebook Friend: I definitely will if you will do the same for me. It’s only 2 minutes long and jaw dropping.

Me: well I have to be honest I am just not in the market for anything else right now.. so its up to you

Facebook Friend: Me either as far as promoting another product however I am very supportive to entrepreneurs and you just never know when we would need each other.

Me: then were good! awesome!

Facebook Friend: Awesome! Wait till you see that…it’s crazy! (big speal and links shared)

Me: seriously I am not really interested

Facebook Friend: Okay great! Didn’t see what you had to offer hun?

Me: its okay if you want me to share so I go look at yours I just don’t do that

Facebook Friend: Oh you don’t believe in empowering others and helping each other

Me: Its not honest.. to share just so you get the other on yours.. have a good one

Facebook Friend: No worries hun-I see where you are at.

and before I could reply she blocked me.. hmmmm

Me: Thank you! we have been taught to do this I will look at yours if you look at mine.. my feelings are no one wins in that one.. and I do not wish to play that game!

Are We Here To Win Or Play Underhanded Games?


I love to help..

One thing though I really hate games..

Like a popular one is I will look at yours if you look at mine!

Now really think about this..

Neither is truly open right?

So why play that one?

Trying to turn someone from what they love?

Nope I ain’t playing!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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Lynda Cromar

To Your Abundant Success!!

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