I Was Playing The Hokey Pokey Network Marketing Dance Rather Than Learn Real MLM Skills!

There is no Hokey Pokey MLM Network Marketing going on here!

It’s all about your commitment and your belief‚doing it with the decision made.

So I make sure we are on the same page and why I am comparing a dance to MLM Network Marketing let me explain! Okay for people that don’t remember‚ the Hokey Pokey was a silly dance long before the Macarana‚ that was about just sticking a toe or arm in. It was one of those things that got everyone excited for the duration of the dance. So how would you compare that to building an MLM Network Marketing business? I was playing the Hokey Pokey MLM Network Marketing Dance.

I was luke warm in my marketing! Recently in another post I shared with you that I hadmaxed my credit cards buying leads. I have to confess that I also did that because I was scared to learn the real network marketing skills. I was scared to get out in front of real people and give a presentation. I found out though‚ that that was no way to ever build a long-lasting MLM Network Marketing Business!

So the first concept that I had to learn as a brand new‚ wet behind the ears MLM Network Marketer‚ was the concept of being “All In”. Okay yes I will explain that one too.

Back To The Hokey Pokey MLM Network Marketing Dance

I was so afraid of failing that much of the time I didn’t take any action at all‚ and so therefore I fulfilled my prophecy! I failed miserably. Now I could give you the excuse that they just didn’t give me the right tools. But the question could also be asked: “Were there people in my MLM that had succeeded?” And I would have to answer yes. The next question: “Are there people making money at my MLM? Again I would have to answer yes.

Playing The Hokey Pokey MLM Network Marketing Dance Was A Lack Of Commitment

I learned that new term “All In” meant to not to make any excuses. I learned that in order to truly stop playing that game‚ and to start winning at MLM Network Marketing I had to have a no excuses‚ attitude‚ or an “All In”‚ “burn the bridges and don’t look back” “Faith It Til You Make It‚” attitude. This was a new concept for me. Maybe it is also new for you. I had to abandon such phrases as “I guess I will try” because when I learned about how there were words that actually set me up for failing I finally made a big shift‚ from the failure mindset‚to the winning mindset!

How I Stopped Playing The MLM Hokey Pokey Dance And Started To Win In MLM Network Marketing!

It’s funny to look back now at how “Newbie” I was almost 5 years ago when I first came online and started to figure things out. I think I made every single possible mistake that it’s possible to make‚ including spending money on leads‚ joining things without really checking them out‚ going only on my emotional and often desperate need to succeed. And it was that attitude maybe not the most positive that has helped me jump all the hurtles! Because at first I didn’t have any idea how to be a business owner. I sure had no other experience that I could bring to that. I had to learn through many mistakes!

So Why Do People Play MLM Network Marketing Hokey Pokey And End Up Dropping Out?

And better yet how can you make sure you are not one of them? First of all realize that you are your own key to your success‚ what you think and what action you are willing to take. Take responsibility for yourself and for your future. Make it your job to go after whatever training and support that you need and build yourself every day. Set goals and go after achieving those goals‚ it is proven that 95% of the population never even set goals. That is like shooting at a target in a pitch-black room. You won’t hit it if you can’t see it!

How To Recover From MLM Network Marketing Hokey Pokey!

So number one was for me the decision! Simple as that. Number two was setting and writing down real goals‚ and actually taking action towards those goals. Make at least some of them reachable quickly. That is how I won a trip to Atlantis (but that is a totally different story!) I employ the slight edge‚ in that I always take action daily towards both my long-termand my short-term goals!

But this is not a post about goals‚ but about taking action. Action is that word‚ they often forget to tell you about. But massive action is the cure to MLM Hokey Pokey‚ Network Marketing! When I saw myself failing‚ I continued to fail. When I steped out of that dance‚I began to win. That is what it is about. Win at the small things and build upon it! Daily massive action and believing that as you make mistakes‚ and I assure you that you will‚ you will learn and grow‚ and success comes. Realize that it takes the time that it will take.

How I Now Help A Team Avoid The MLM Network Marketing Hokey Pokey Dance!

I make sure that I give my team real action steps that they can take daily. I also have come to realize that giving them a system helps a lot too. Because we are looking to work ourselves out of a job! I always make sure to communicate clearly‚ and help them develop their own action plan. I always continue to take my own action because that communicates even more clearly than telling them!


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