Making A Promise Is Serious Business!

Its important to me to keep my promises.. so then it is also important that what ever company or product I share also keeps its promises..

Sometimes it becomes necessary to disconnect either temporarily or permanently with a company that makes promises that they don’t keep..

I have done that more than once..

Its part of being a responsible business person

Its also being proactive instead of blindly following!

So Everything That I Share Is Things I Use And I Trust!

First on the list: ENVIRALIZER! 
It has:

1. Simple Comp Plan
2. Leverage in Comp Plan
3. We are the Content Creators and Educators

I have found this to be a simple and easy way to create new leads and sales.. It creates cash flow quickly and with cash flow you are able to do more
This can attract people fast if the person working it is consistent.. I have been seeing steady growth over past month..

The $25 ONE TIME… to get it.
The $20 commissions.
The 1UP leverage and how sweet it is.


* We keep adding more value to it.. its a no brainer!
* It is easy to sell
* It is stuffed full to the max with valuable training
* The buyers of this program get to be in our VIP Lounge
* Learn basic Internet Marketing Skills Leverage It For anything
* Share with both newbie and veteran something for everyone!

Focus on what it means to see your team create cash flow
What if…

Our Team Creates AdditionalValue-Based Programs

What if there was another SUPER HIGH VALUE program
An offer for your existing team and your growing list…
That pretty much worked the same… with this twist:

1. $150 ONE TIME to get it.
2. RICH in higher level content training.
3. Payed out $100 per sale.
4. 1UP for leverage.

And it was ours.
Would that be exciting?
Five sales per week would mean $500 per week for you.
No monthly admin fees.

Excellent coaching and training content as the product
that nobody else can mimic because the content and
the product is OUR COACHING.

And a steady stream of 1UP roll up commissions‚
$100 each coming to you weekly. Steady. Strong.
Nobody else to control it so we’re not ever “hoping”
that the program works or stays stable.

We just promote.
We just market.
We just share the link.

We’re in the lab right not‚ today and for the next few days‚ 
creating it.

And all I can tell you is this…

It’s going to look beautiful and professional.
It will NOT be a hypey joke.
It will be polished and full of value.

And you’ll get the first crack at promoting it to the masses.


It WILL be focused on teaching the MASSES what we do‚
so you’ll be able to market it not only the existing marketers
in our space‚ but we’re building it to be able to take to the guy
and gal on the street who has NO CLUE what we do…
and get THEM excited about making some money in a
crazy fun way online.

Enviralizer one time $25 here.

Second is My Lead System Pro

My Lead System Pro now has its own enterprise level blog and hosting!
For those people who truly want to go full time fast the smart way‚
get EMBEDDED in the “culture” of the My Lead System Pro by
getting in… marketing daily… and getting to the events.

I promise you this is a much faster way to go full time than
ANYTHING OUT THERE especially any MLM. I’m just sayin.

Third is PLS (Power Lead Systems)

This is our most ULTIMATE stable program.
Study the compensation plan video on your sales page
and really get under the hood and understand the power
at your fingertips in such a nice‚ stable‚ no drama program.

PLS can actually take you FULL TIME pretty fast if you see
the magic in it and build it like a main program.

I think you will agree that I have something for everyone.. we teach how to get leads and traffic.. we teach how to share and sell not just throw links out there..

Our VIP Coaching Mastermind group is worth $150 a month alone and you get it just for being on one of these programs.. (I see the value in them all)


And if you are wondering why I started out talking about promises.. when it comes to offers on the internet.. many have gotten lax in that regard..

I believe you only have one time you get to prove you are worth someone’s trust.. and that promise is everything! I promise that these programs over-deliver on their promises!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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