How To Provide Value And Service For Your MLM Customers And Prospects

1) We keep our eyes and ears open‚ we watch for a need and find a way to fill it. If we are really listening‚ we will hear people talking about their troubles‚ their problems‚ and we can be there‚ not pouncing on them‚ but offering to help‚ sometimes we have to be willing to do that without always getting a quick reward for ourselves.

2) Let people talk‚ this is very key. Sometimes I have done it‚ I have experienced it‚ we want them to hear our good opportunity‚ and we don’t consider whether its actually what they need. If they are ready to hear your opportunity‚ they will ask questions.

3) Ask sincere questions‚ take the time to actually get to know them. I will probably step on some toes‚ but this must be done in person‚ it is not possible to do this in an auto-responder!

4) Again listen‚ make sure if you are going to respond that you don’t talk over them‚ nothing kills the conversation faster than to talk over them. Respond to what matters to them‚ again its not about you‚ its about them. If you can get to a place where there is absolutely no agenda‚ you will be able to really listen.

5) Listen to your intuition‚ there are times when they are ready for your opportunity‚ and there are times when they are not. If you give it to them to fast‚ you will loose them. People get into your opportunity when they know you‚ they trust you‚ and they like you. When you actually listen‚ all of those things are covered in one swoop.

6) Look for ways to offer them a service or sample that has no strings attached. Yes this is where we can really shine. Maybe they are talking about a health issue‚ and you happen to have a product that could help them.

Now of course you could just sell it‚ but if they get to try it first‚ they are even more likely to buy it‚ and refer others to you. That is priceless. But the first step is to share in a way that doesn’t have a price tag on it! In Brian Tracy’s book: “Getting Rich Your Way‚” He has a short blurb about finding a need and filling it. And if you think about it that is what we are doing. If the person doesn’t need or want what you have‚ there is no way you will talk him into it.

But that is a mistake many marketers make‚ they think if they have a good enough sales pitch they will buy. But in any situation whether its in person or on the internet‚ most people search the internet for what they want. They usually make comparisons. They get opinions. They do everything they can to believe in it before they buy it. Now there are places big names we all know who they are‚ that have made a good job of getting the word out there.

They don’t have to convince you much‚ they have established their name. Most of us‚ are still in the process of that. So what better way to establish your name‚ than Lynda Cromar‚ she really cares‚ she really listens‚ so I will buy from her!


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