Be Real To Build Your Credibility!

In MLM If You Aren’t Being Real You Aren’t Building Your Credibility!

You hear this all the time: Be Real! But what does that really mean? You also hear: Walk The Talk! So those appear to conflict!

I hope to help to distinguish these for you! Our world is full of hero worship‚ and while that isn’t bad‚ it can make someone feel they never will measure up‚ because they are measuring by someone that they admire.

I have those that I definitely like to watch and learn from‚ among them Diane Hochman‚ Eric Worre‚ and Ray Higdon. But I want to make this clear.

I do not try to become them! The Path To Your Real YOU!

Especially when it comes to network marketing online‚ which is often called online marketing or attraction marketing‚ it can become very confusing. There are so many paths to take‚and in that process I have seen many loose themselves. I know because I have done that too‚ until I had to rein up and really look at the picture I was creating. I had to ask myself who is LYNDA CROMAR?

I had to get down to my core beliefs and what I was really trying to be and create. Yes some serious soul searching‚ even lately! I have gotten calls and e-mails (personal) from some of those people. I used to go all ga-ga over it. I know now that they are people. They have achieved something that maybe I haven’t yet‚ but they are people just the same. Can I learn from them‚ yes absolutely‚ but it doesn’t mean that I am not already where I want to be inside.

Create That Success Inside First

What is your real goal‚ what is the dream‚ is it real to you. Can you see yourself there? Those questions need to be answered. But rather than getting into someone else’s skin‚ find out what is really inside of your skin!

When you peel away all the stuff that others put there‚ who are you inside? Because when you do that‚ you will have that deep-down belief that you are on that path. You will see yourself where you want to be‚ and it will be your own unique path!

Only When You Have Built Yourself From The Inside Out..

I had a talk with one of my new affiliates yesterday. He was telling me all about this new business that he had found‚ and it sounded like he was defending himself‚ he was afraid I would take it down. When he started to slow down a bit I asked him some key questions:

If money was no longer an object what would you be doing with your life‚ and what would that look like? You see when you can answer that and you have clarity on that‚ you will know what you must do to achieve it!

But you can only truly answer that question when you have really gotten inside and dug out those old weeds of doubt and fear‚ and found that inner light that everyone has. What are you really passionate about?

How do you want to be perceived? What is the most important thing you feel you must do‚ no matter what? When you have clarity on that‚ YOU will know what to do. It’s not really about tactics‚ it’s really about being YOU totally down to the core!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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