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As an owner and leader in MLM it has never been my goal to try to sell someone on joining my business that just didn’t really get it.

So its really important to go through a simple success process of qualifying my prospects.

This has made a huge difference in the duplication process of my Network Marketing Business success.

It Is Really A Very Simple Process

As a leader your job is to identify qualified prospects‚then give them a simple and easy to follow marketing message that highlights your products or business opportunity.

This May be hard to believe but people make up their mind in the first 30 seconds‚ so first contact cannot be the long 64-page slide presentation‚ lol.

Wait til you have established that they want to know more. You must go through a process of sorting‚ not selling.

You do not want to manipulate people into buying your products or joining your business if they don’t really want to or even worse they can’t afford to.

This is not what a Multi Level Marketing Business Leader does to achieve duplication. Guess what this does produce‚ continuous heart ache and spinning your wheels.

I have found that very few MLM companies understand and teach this and even fewer leaders teach this. Keep in mind that the harder you work to get someone to join your business the less likely they are to duplicate.

Without an easy duplication process your business will never get off the ground and be successful. So here is a thought process; do you want to sell it once‚ or have to resell it over and over again to the same prospect?

You also have to understand that it May take time‚ months even years to build a relationship with a prospect that turns into a sale or new team member.

Having a follow up system in place and keeping in touch with them will often turn a cold prospect into a warm prospect leading to a hot prospect over time.

Cold‚ Warm and Hot Prospects

These three prospect stages are very different and very unpredictable. Its all about the timing of your prospect‚ sometimes its going to be right away‚ and other times it May be never.

Sometimes a prospect has different expectations than what it really is. You could have a hot prospect sign up for your business all excited and be the biggest non-duplicating disappointment ever.

On the other hand a cold prospect that you thought of as nothing more than a waste of time‚could be a super star taking your business to unforeseen levels of success.

We have to give them all the information they are looking for no more‚ no less and at their level. Then we go on and work with the ones who volunteer.

The real point here is do not give up or pre-judge any prospect‚ provide them with enough information that gives them the opportunity to make a decision about your products or business model. Then follow up and keep in touch with them often.

To grow your network marketing business you need:

If you have a single system to perform all these functions‚ so much the better. If your MLM company or upline group does not provide system(s) to accomplish these targets‚ you absolutely have to set them up yourself.

But it’s a lot easier to go someplace where they understand these MLM sponsoring secrets and already have an established‚ tested & proven system.

Let me tell you a bit about each aspect of the sponsoring system that I use.

1. Targeted lead generation Why do you want to build the dream for somebody else? How do you think you’re ever going to make somebody have a dream?

You only want to talk to people who ALREADY have the dreams‚ the goals‚ the desire to be successful.

Don’t put yourself in the position where you have to convince somebody to get up off the couch‚ turn off the TV‚ quit watching the football game and drinking beer. Leave those people alone.

They need to do that stuff. We need people in our lives and in this world who do that. Let them do that. ONLY talk to people who have the goals‚ dreams‚ desires. These are the warriors.

These are the people who will build the business‚ no matter what. Target THOSE people. Then your business will be fun & exciting. You’ll have massive duplication when you work with targeted people.

How do you find them?

You want a lead generation system that brings you ONLY the most qualified people. A lead who is a reader is far more likely to have long-term network marketing success than most other leads you get.

That is who you must target. How? You promote a website that has only one objective: capture contact information. So when a visitor comes to your site‚ their only options are signing up or leaving.

And you do your best to make them an offer they cannot refuse. I prefer to offer a great ebook because‚ again‚ Leaders are Readers.

2. Automated prospect follow-up

The secret in network marketing is following up with people. People are busy. Our lives are busy. It’s best to have an automated email system going out to these prospects.

You need one written by a professional copywriter who knows how to tweak the mind‚ answer questions‚ create a relationship in print. You want your automated follow-up to create a relationship with ad copy.

It’s mandatory that you have a system in place to follow-up with people automatically‚ so you don’t have to do it. Because guess what? You might be on vacation‚on a company-sponsored‚ company paid-for‚ week-long trip to Italy. You need an automated follow-up system.

3. One-on-one relationship building

This is where many systems fall down. and it is your most important MLM sponsoring secret. Network marketing is a relationship business. You want to sponsor them one at a time and bring them in one at a time.

The only way you can do that is to build a one-on-one relationship with those people. I’ve seen organizations come online and they sponsor‚ sponsor‚ sponsor‚ recruit‚ recruit‚ recruit‚using some downline building system.

But none of those people ever upgrade‚ none of those people ever buy product‚ because there’s no relationship. If you ever tried to call one of those people and say‚

“Hey‚ I’d like to visit with you -“‚ they won’t even return a phone call.

So it’s most important to have relationships when you’re building the business. They’ve got to know that you care.

This step is crucial‚ so we’re constantly training people to do it. I do a live‚ generic MLM“relationship-building” training call 5 nights a week. No company is EVER mentioned on these calls.

No products are EVER discussed. You’ll get to listen in while I work with other callers‚ talking to their leads‚ too. You can bring your lead phone numbers to that call‚ if you want‚ and we’ll call them together.

You‚ hear exactly what to say. We‚ all establish that they‚ all are definitely looking for a good way to make extra money from home. Then we‚ set a time for you to call them back to talk more in depth about YOUR opportunity.

And I promise you‚ if you build people‚ then people will build your business.

4. Sponsoring

I love that word‚ “sponsoring.” See‚ I take that word differently than most people. Why? Because I take YOUR success personally. When I’m your sponsor‚ I’m your sponsor for life.

I’m 59 years old. And in 50 years or so‚ I’ll be going to your funeral‚ or you’ll be going to mine. If I’m your sponsor‚ that is the way it is. You and I will be in business together the rest of our lives.

That is a real commitment! So wouldn’t you rather sponsor people that you want to associate with? My mentor told me‚ “Only sponsor people that you’d want to go on a 1-month cruise with.”

How important is that? Don’t just sponsor somebody who can fog a mirror. ONLY sponsor people who you really want to build a business with.

5. Training

Absolutely the lifeblood of your business is teaching‚ training‚ coaching and mentoring new people on how to do network marketing.

Most people have never done it successfully before‚ its like nothing they have ever done before‚ you can’t trust a video to teach them‚ they need a real person that cares! You’d better have a team website.

You’d better have a step-by-step Action Plan. You’ve got to train them. This is the follow up not the whole thing. It need to be easy simple to follow.

They need to learn the skills of how to do MLM. That’s critical in the training process. You can train a dog. But for people‚ you have to teach them the skills they need to do this business.

Ninety-two per-cent of the world’s population is sales resistant. They don’t like to sell‚ don’t like to be sold.

So don’t waste your time studying about the super duper elixir drink‚ where the ingredients are scraped off the rock by blind leprechauns every other full moon. Don’t study the product ingredients.

Study people. Learn our “Color To Success” training. You’ll learn how to listen to people‚and you will own your business‚ and you will own your life. This is my favorite part‚ its so fascinating‚ I always wanted to know how people really tick‚ now this system has it laid out so slick‚ its amazing!

You can just plug your people right into our training system‚ and the cycle begins again. This is what you call a Greased Chute”‚ Step 1 flows smoothly into Step 2. Step 2 into Step 3. Step 3 into Step 4. Step 4 into Step 5. And step 5 into Step 1. And so on and so on.

The term ‘greased chute’ means there are NO bumps along the way. No impediments‚nothing whatsoever to even slightly slow the flow of a prospect from one step to the next.

To be long-term successful‚ you MUST have a ‘greased chute’ marketing system for your opportunity. I love ours because it offers total training in the skills of working with people‚ so that you get better and better ‚ and your people can plug into exactly the same system‚making it far easier for you to help them as you gain more and more experience.

I have used this system for over a year with amazing results. It has been around for over 5 years and works even better now than it did in the beginning‚ in fact this is the system that has been copied all over the internet because it is that good.

Why spend another year creating your own‚ thats what I asked myself when its already there like a finely-oiled machine? Simply click on this link‚ and you are on the way!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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