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List Building In Network Marketing — I Learned The Hard Way To Build My Own MLM List

Sharing my personal story…

First of all if you know me by now‚ I do not do dry articles but I share my own story‚ even my struggle in trying to understand how everything works! When I set out to learn about List building In Network Marketing online‚ I think I did every possible wrong way there is out there‚ I can’t even give you the entire list. I also have used a lot of list building tools.

One thing I can tell you‚ they are not all the same‚ while you might get some benefit‚ I hope to help you avoid some of my big mistakes! In fact I would like to share my story here on my experience in List building In Network Marketing  in video‚ so you can get it from me directly‚ then I will go into various List building In Network Marketing tools and how to tell which one is the best one for you!

First of all lets get over believing that all List building In Network Marketing or  advertising is FREE‚ because whether it is initially free or not there is a cost either in time‚ and sweat equity or in money. So lets do a short comparison of the List building In Network Marketing systems that are pretty well known out there for list building

There is the camp that believes that List Building In Network Marketing Should Be Totally Free!

That would be the training is free‚ the system is free‚ and it should be generic. I did join that system‚ it is called mentoring for free‚ now this is not a bashing‚ I believe there are many good people there‚ and they help a lot of people. Michael Dlouhy is not a dumb man. He knows about building relationships.

The part that was a problem‚ is you have no control with that list‚ you can export the list yes‚ but that doesn’t mean that list is not there‚ it continues to be “dripped on” from the system they built. And the ultimate is to own the system (you pay but there is no affiliate program in which you benefit)‚ so that it can sell them their cd’s their pro system‚ and other things. The system is not generic‚ it leads to Vitamark‚ a health and wellness.

You can send them e-mails‚ but they will continue to get the Mentoring For Free e-mails.So this List building In Network Marketing system is a list building in network marketing system‚ that you are capturing leads‚ that become part of that system‚make sure you understand this‚ you do not own that list. Art and Rob Phelps with Betterwebbuilder‚ a list building in network marketing system (not free) Now this List building In Network Marketing system does give you more openess for list building in network marketing‚ in that they have a cool feature that lets you put your company side by side with their products.

Now of course you are betting that they are going to want to join you.They emphasize building relationships which is absolutely essential. They do not have much of any training on how to market the program. I was one of their two trainers‚ and they depended on me‚ but then they didn’t reward it either. Their system again‚ captures the leads inside of their system. There was many times when their system would go down‚and in a years time they have not upgraded their blog or their system to allow for a gateway into getresponse or aweber‚ which I believe is essential.

Empower Network a blogging system for list building in network marketing‚ or anything you want You May by this time have caught that I am a strong supporter of training in any List building In Network Marketing system for list building in network marketing. This system is the newest one I am reviewing here‚ and it is packed with cutting edge training and it is not the old stuff‚ shared by the top producers that have used and had success with these strategies.

I purposely didn’t put a link to those other systems‚ because although I still maintain the list‚ I do not actively endorse either of the ones above. In a later post‚ I will share with you how they stack up in the making money department. The Empower Network‚ does indeed have a way to tie in an aweber or getresponse account so that you can own your list in your online efforts at list building in network marketing.

Now we get to the Premium online list building in network marketing system and tools My Lead System Pro You May not know this‚ but David Wood built this List building In Network Marketing system first before he created with David Sharpe the Empower Network System. Now I really have gone all the way through this list before coming here because you really do have to invest in yourself. I did that‚in a round about and much more expense way than if I had come here first.

Now of course I also believe it matters who you align with! I have been with some who don’t even call you‚that is just plain wrong no matter which system you are in. This system is big on training‚ it is where the ones you now see all over the internet‚ really got started. Most of the big names came from there‚ their reputation is impeccable. Will you spend money‚ yes‚ is it worth it? Absolutely!

In Your list building in Network Marketing efforts Choose The Best One For You!

We really have two types of people that you will find out on the internet‚ those who are looking for a free way to do it without any monetary investment‚ and the ones who are interested in investing in themselves. Frankly I look to attract the later! I use the MLSP system for my List building In Network Marketing with a secondary stream in Empower Network. I know that I have a target market or I attract the Baby Boomer‚and they know the clock is ticking. They are the ones that will most appreciate MLSP. I love working with them because they are truly the SERIOUS MARKETER.

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